About Plank and Parrot Soap

Ahoy there, me hearties! Gather 'round and behold the finest treasure of the seven seas: our splendid bar of soap! Aye, this be no ordinary soap, for it be imbued with the essence of the ocean breeze to keep ye smelling as fresh as a salty sea breeze!

Picture this - after a long day plunderin' and sailin', there's naught better than a luxurious lather that'll cleanse yer skin and leave it feelin' as smooth as a mermaid's kiss! Arrr, me fellow pirates, this be the secret to stayin' shipshape and ready for the next adventure!

Ye might think soap be a simple matter, but I tell ye, this be the treasure ye didn't know ye needed! It'll wash away the stench of battle and the toil of the open sea, leavin' behind only the essence of true pirate greatness!

And fear not, me hearties, for this be a soap of the highest quality, fit for a captain or a lowly deckhand alike. No parabens or sulfates to be found here - only natural ingredients, like the finest booty washed up on a sandy shore!

So, set sail for cleanliness and freshness, and make this bar of soap yer loyal companion on this grand voyage of life. Avast, me hearties, seize the day and grab this treasure before it's gone! Sail on over to our ship and claim yer very own bar of soap - the mark of a true pirate with a touch of class!!

Micro/ Mild Exfoliation

Medium / Heavy Exfoliation